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Child Abuse

Gainesville & Ocala Child Abuse Defense LawyerExperienced Florida Child Abuse Attorney

Have you been accused of child abuse?  A child abuse charge can be very scary and confusing. In Florida, these charges are not taken lightly and those convicted can expect a lifetime of being labeled as a child abuser. Child abuse ruins a child’s life forever. Child abuse puts a child’s emotional state at risk. Whether it is emotional, sexual or physical abuse, the child will never be the same.  Abuse can often occur due to the neglect of a child.  Neglect is not providing for your child physically, emotionally and/or financially. Child abuse typically happens to a child by his or her own parents or caretakers, but it may also occur in settings where children are cared for and expected to be protected: school, church, day care and more.

Hiring an experienced child abuse attorney is the first step you should take if you have been accused of, are being investigated for or have been charged with the abuse of a child. A child abuse conviction can result in years in jail or prison, fines, restitution, counseling and probation.  If convicted, you will also have to register nationally for life as a convicted child abuser. In addition, you can expect your reputation with your friends, family and co-workers to be tainted.

Defending Child Abuse Charges in Gainesville & Ocala, Florida

Gainesville child abuse attorney Robert G. Whittel practices criminal law in Florida and provides superior representation for child abuse cases. Attorney Whittel is extremely qualified when defending those accused of child abuse crimes.  Whether you are falsely accused or not, Mr. Whittel will investigate the child abuse charges against you and will make every attempt to clear your name.  Attorney Robert G. Whittel will uphold your constitutional rights under Florida state law and will provide you with a winning defense strategy to obtain the best outcome for your child abuse case.

Accused of child abuse in Florida? Contact us today!

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This firm was extremely helpful and courteous to deal with. I did not expect to need their services, but was fortunate to find such a great firm. Thank you for your services. E.S.